UAV-technology is a very emerging technology addressing numerous application fields. One special application is the use of UAVs for the characterisation of electromagnetic fields propagated by the many and various types of antenna installations located in outdoor areas.

Since the foundation of Aeroxess in 2011 the development of UAVs dedicated to antenna measurements was a major focus of the company's R&D activities.

As a result the "HERCULES" UAV-based Near-Field Antenna Measurement System (HAMS) was born symbolising a ground-breaking new and mobile antenna measurement system for outdoor applications.

With HAMS antenna measurements can be performed with unmatched large spatial pattern coverage and high spatial pattern resolution and thus closing the existing technology gap in antenna measurements for outdoor applications.


  Providing reliable access to airspace for industrial and research applications   Focused on line-of-sight (LOS) flight services with continuous flight durations of several hours @ payload capacities of 8.0 kg and more   Providing full scope of outdoor antenna measurement applications   For any other applications we are offering flight services including all engineering needed for the integration of the payload and for its control and data transmission between UAV and ground.   Committed to best consult and assist our customers during flight preparations and flight missions


April 2017:

Test HERCULES ONE Emergency Mode

After winter break and indoor tests the outdoor flight test campaigns were continued.

This tri-copter platform is a pre-cursor test platform of the targeted "HERCULES ONE" UAV.

It only comprises the upper layer of 3 rotors without the lower layer of 3 rotors.

The frame is a temporary set-up designed only for test operations.

Purpose of this test campaign was to test the flight performances in case of an anomaly that one rotor layer fails.

Resulting yaw rotation was successfully compensated by an auxiliary tail rotor.


April 2018:

12th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP 2018) in London

Aeroxess intends to participate at the EUCAP for the very first time. As soon as arrangements can be booked we will publish here in what form the conference participation will take place.


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